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Recruitment Assistance

Many young Athletes want to play there favorite sport for a living when they growup.  However many parents and kids alike do not know where to start or how to get there child recruited. 


R&R Athletics is designed to help athletes and parents with the recruiiting process.  Many parents dont have time between working and running kids around for Games and Practices so R&R Athletics is here to be the guide on the recruiting journey. 


If you are interested in learning more please cntact us at or 928-261-9418. By joining R&R Athletics you will get our 100% dedication to getting your child to the next Level.


R&R Athletics Recruiting Services Must Do List 

1. ACADEMICS: You must make sure your are taking appropriate academic classes. Know your GPA and what it needs to be to qualify for possible school admission and scholarship opportunities. 

2. HIGHLIGHTS: You must have the video clips to WOW a college coachand enable them to make an accurate assessment of your abilities. 

3. LEVEL OF PLAY: You must obtain the guidance of an experienced level of play expert to help you determine what football level you could  realistically play. 

4. TARGET LIST: You must have a target list of schools to contact, that match bothh your athletic and academic profile. 

5. You must have an organized detailed plan for reaching out to schools on your target list. Also determine what you will do if the coaches on your target list do not respond to your emails or answer your phone calls. 

6. REAL VS FAKE RECRUITING: You must know how to determine which schools are serious about you as a prospect and which are not.

7. CAMPS: You must determine what camps to atten. Camp Fees and travel expenses can be costly-make sure you are not wasting your time and money. 

8. All these things is what R&R Athletics Recruiting Services will help you get done and help your reach out to the coaches and the schools that are interested in and that you are also interested in.


Miguel Rivas 

Recruiting Director 



R&R Athletics

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